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Custom “stone look” for 25″ Giant Chess Set

Custom giant chess set at bed and breakfast

Glenn Mon with Hamanassett B&B customized his 25″ Giant Chess set to create a “Stone Chess Set” for their Bed & Breakfast. After cleaning, to remove dust and oils, he primed the pieces with a Rust-o-leum plastic primer, painted with a Rust-o-leum stone finish, and then sealed and finished with a Hellsman Spar Urethane finish for protection. The chessboard was created with 18″x18″ stone tiles. They matched the chess pieces with the color of the stones. Impressive. What do you think?      

Guide: Choosing a Travel Chess Set


Playing chess while you travel means your game can be interrupted at any moment. If you need to close the game quickly sometimes it’s helpful to use a chess board that saves the position rather than shuffling the pieces into a compartment and trying to remember their position later.

The Companion Resource Guide for Lego Chess Sets

Lego Logo

Where to find, how to make, how to buy: I love LEGO sets. Over most other toys I buy for my son, I enjoy buying him LEGO sets because I enjoy putting them together… ah, with him, of course. So, working with Chess House, it was natural that I should eventually wonder about LEGO chess sets. And so began the search to find what sets are out there and available. What I found was amazing–chess sets offered by LEGO, sets made by fans, more sets made by LEGO Star Wars fans, and the list goes

How to Use Classic Analog Chess Clock

Shows how to set, operate, and understand classic analog chess clocks. Plus a comparison of the Classic chess clock vs CGL analog clock.  The USCF standard Quality Regulation chess set is also shown

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