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I found the ordering process extremely easy to use and the delivery speed was amazing! They actually shipped within about an hour after I placed my order. After receiving the product, I had a service question and the response was also quick and helpful. I'll definitely be purchasing again from ChessHouse!
Richard, July 10, 2015

Love Chess House! Great products and service. Very professional and personal. Highly recommended.
Morris, June 24, 2015
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Luxury Chessboard: Monk in Rock Maple

Wood Chess Board Monk Warwick in Rock Maple 027

The Summerville-New England chessboards are hand made in the USA and considered by many to be the finest. They are completely hand fabricated in New England with remarkable precision and attention to detail. From the scrutinizing selection of lumber through final hand rubbing, every board is handled with levels of care and expertise uncommon in today’s fast paced world. The new Rock Maple featured here is a light wood alternative to White Ash. Both are paired with an exquisite dark American Walnut of exceptional quality. It comes in 2″, 2.25″, and 2.5″ squares and prices

Guide: Choosing a Travel Chess Set


Playing chess while you travel means your game can be interrupted at any moment. If you need to close the game quickly sometimes it’s helpful to use a chess board that saves the position rather than shuffling the pieces into a compartment and trying to remember their position later.

Review: Ron’s Opinion of ZMF-II Chess Clock

ZMF-II Chess Clocks

The ZMF-II was great for G/20, 5 SD. In playing with it, I see that it does break down and shows seconds when under 60 minutes (1 hour).  That is nicer than the DGT and Saitek clocks which only do this under 20 minutes. I don’t think this clock is as nice for longer time controls compared to the Chronos models.  We have an upcoming Peoria City Championship that is G/80, 5s d.  I plan on using either my Touch Chronos II or the Button Chronos II for this event (we will play one game

New 2013 DGT 960 Game Timer

DGT 960 Black Red

The DGT 960 in new colors black and red is available from April 2013. This model will gradually replace the original white/orange DGT 960 version. It has been a solid choice for players wanting an ultra-compact clock with a wide variety of features including international FIDE standards. This handy pocket timer has the Chess960 generator. Press the 960 button and a randomly chosen Chess960 starting position will be shown on the display. Chess960 is the only other form of chess that is officially recognized by the World Chess Federation FIDE. Every game starts from a

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