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Girl plays giant chess set


A friend’s adorable young girl captivated by the chess pieces towering around her. While she didn’t score checkmate, she did win on cuteness. The 25″ giant chess pieces are perfect for both private backyards and public gatherings. The set has been so popular that Chess House sold out this summer. Take advantage of this with a $100 off pre-order discount on these giant chess pieces by merely paying now and taking delivery later (ships end of August).  This offer is valid through August 15.

Chess for Parents: Going Easy


“If you find that you can easily win every game against your child, then I would strongly recommend doing the following. First, DO NOT play easy and make intentional mistakes – that frequently results in frustration in many situations. Instead, change the starting position and make it a challenge that will help your child learn and still be something that they can ‘win’ at.

Cost to Raise Family Up 53% Since 1995; Net Worth Nearly Cut in Half: Strategic Ways Families Can Succeed

Families now spend an average of $222,360 to raise a child from birth to age 17—a 53% increase over the past fifteen years. (1) That’s one person working full-time nearly six years to cover the expenses of raising one child! During the global financial crisis and ensuing recession, median family net worth fell by over 38% from 2007-2010. For many, that’s nearly two decades of savings wiped out in just a few years! These troublesome trends are requiring most of us to rethink our jobs, opportunities, income—and of course, our expenses. But in spite of

Three strategies to help your kids survive today’s electronic media epidemic

According to a 2010 study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, children ages 8-18 spend on average 7 hours and 11 minutes daily using electronic media devices for entertainment purposes—which over the course of a year amounts to more than four times the number of hours spent in school! And that’s not even counting cell phone calls and texting. Since kids multitask much of the time, total media consumption is 10 hours and 7 minutes daily! Excessive use of electronics is permanently damaging our children’s lives at a time when their social, emotional, and cognitive development

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