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Novag Constellation Chess Computer – 1983!

A classic 1983 chess computer… see it on Ebay!

Your Timeless, Expert Partner! Portable – Exchangable, Program Modules. A brilliant, new 16K program incorporating all international chess rules and extensive opening book. NEW: Opening Memory, superb middle and end game!

The Constellation offers extremely fast play and the ability to compute up to 24 moves ahead – a tough opponent for any chess player. Its superb "brain" con solve up to mates-in-12 moves.

Sensor Technology makes playing chess so easy for you. Just move the pieces on the chess board! A multitude of Special Functions can be chosen if desired.




2 Responses to this Post

  1. Jules Paré says:
    March 10, 2006 at 10:02am

    Quebec City
    MArsh 10 2006
    Could you tell tell me, if I could get the instruction book, for the Novag allegro, chess computer? My father bought many years ago, but the instruction book has been lost!than you
    Juels Paré
    from Quebec City
    Do you think, you could send me the instruction book by email? Could it be possible? the french and english part? have a nice day, or could you tell me how to get it?

  2. antony corbett says:
    November 1, 2009 at 5:52pm

    hi will you be able to send a copy of the allegro chess set users guide please as i have decided to dig the set out but find have lost manual and need to teach grandson about chess thank you regards antony corbett

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