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Custom “stone look” for 25″ Giant Chess Set

Custom giant chess set at bed and breakfast

Glenn Mon with Hamanassett B&B customized his 25″ Giant Chess set to create a “Stone Chess Set” for their Bed & Breakfast. After cleaning, to remove dust and oils, he primed the pieces with a Rust-o-leum plastic primer, painted with a Rust-o-leum stone finish, and then sealed and finished with a Hellsman Spar Urethane finish for protection. The chessboard was created with 18″x18″ stone tiles. They matched the chess pieces with the color of the stones. Impressive. What do you think?      

Chess Tip: Unique Knight Characteristics


Recently, I have been working on writing and rewriting (along with several of our team of experienced coaches) several more chess lessons and topics to include in the Chess4Life curriculum. While doing so, it seemed appropriate to include a couple interesting elements that may help you or your children better understand chess strategy. More specifically, I will discuss some elements regarding unique characteristics of some chess pieces. First, did you know that the knight always changes color when it moves from one square to another? This quality may seem rather obvious, but have you considered

Luxury Chessboard: Monk in Rock Maple

Wood Chess Board Monk Warwick in Rock Maple 027

The Summerville-New England chessboards are hand made in the USA and considered by many to be the finest. They are completely hand fabricated in New England with remarkable precision and attention to detail. From the scrutinizing selection of lumber through final hand rubbing, every board is handled with levels of care and expertise uncommon in today’s fast paced world. The new Rock Maple featured here is a light wood alternative to White Ash. Both are paired with an exquisite dark American Walnut of exceptional quality. It comes in 2″, 2.25″, and 2.5″ squares and prices

Girl plays giant chess set


A friend’s adorable young girl captivated by the chess pieces towering around her. While she didn’t score checkmate, she did win on cuteness. The 25″ giant chess pieces are perfect for both private backyards and public gatherings. The set has been so popular that Chess House sold out this summer. Take advantage of this with a $100 off pre-order discount on these giant chess pieces by merely paying now and taking delivery later (ships end of August).  This offer is valid through August 15.

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