2 Minute Chess Strategy: Play scholar’s mate?

Imagine a room with 200 students playing chess where 40 games end in just 4 moves!

It’s fun to win quickly, but is it a good idea to attempt Scholar’s mate? You may succeed once in a while playing a novice but if they catch on and play good moves? You’ll lose the initiative and risk your Queen being chased around the chessboard.

Still, Scholar’s mate is instructive to review and understand as this short video shows.

You can learn more about this 2 minute chess strategy on the Knight Level 2 DVD where it’s explained in detail along with more than 25 other strategies that will dramatically improve your results with chess.

Here are the resources:
The DVD: http://www.chesshouse.com/Elliott_s_Chess_School_DVD_2_Knight_Level_p/dv302.htm
The chess set: http://www.chesshouse.com/Heirloom_Championship_Chess_Set_p/hc535.htm
Online training, puzzles, and much more at http://online.chess4life.com/

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Chess Genius – electronic chess for this millennium


It’s a new era for electronic chess. New, more sophisticated games are emerging that combined the tactile experience of electronic chess with the computing power they deserve.

Millennium’s Chess Genius, launched late 2015, stormed onto the scene with great anticipation.

It’s proving to be a winner so far in multiple ways, the most important of which is a modernized chess software based on Richard Lang’s award winning Chess Genius.

For those looking for a real-life chess computer, with real pieces to move on a real chessboard, with no need for a computer, tablet, or the like, this electronic chess game brings the joy of chess to those who need a chess player opponent when and where they like. No need to schedule a special date with a friend. Just pull out the game each evening and enjoy a calming game of chess.

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Youth takes initiative with chess and wins

This young winner is demonstrating initiative. His reward? First place at a Peoria IL middle school team championship and first place in a novice bracket.


I just spoke with Andrea and her son. She loves the fact that he’s demonstrating how to take up a new pursuit and begin the process of mastery – without the hand-holding that’s sometimes needed with kids today.

Three weeks prior Andrea’s son knew only the basic rules. Then he decided it was time to really give chess his attention and grow his skills rapidly.

He hit the ground running, and in short time, with persistent focus learned alongside friends at the middle school, practiced on the Internet Chess Club, grew his ability to spot winning moves with Chess.com’s tactics trainer, and purchased a chess set, notation journal, chess clock and bag from Chess House.

It was a recipe for success.


Andrea’s son already excels in math and science, and she feels chess can only benefit his academic interests. Plus, chess is letting him practice and grow some real life skills by both studying the elements of the game and interacting with others during competitions.

Who could ask for a better gaming pursuit? One that DOES NOT rely heavily on more daily media exposure?

Often, merely introducing the game of chess is all it takes. And a young player will beg to continue exploring and unpacking the exciting strategies this timeless game offers.

Andrea’s son is excited about this win, and he plans to keep pursuing the game to a higher level. He’ll be entering high school and is fully aware that the competition will get tougher. But that’s not about to stop him.

Following his win, Andrea shared that “he immediately came home and put together his shopping list from Chess House” and that his “first experience was perfect”.

Congratulations to Andrea’s family for fostering a positive learning environment and encouraging this young winner.

USA made walnut and maple Player’s Chess Table and Board

This cleverly designed piece of premium American furniture offers completely unique elements not found in any other game tables. In a day when handcrafted has nearly lost its meaning, this table stands proudly among the legends of artful workmanship.

The Walnut Player’s Chess Table by Chess House

– Play surface is instantly removable as the Player’s Chess Board
– Table Frame with a pre-owned Player’s Chess Board becomes a Player’s Table
– Hidden slides raise the board to store pieces inside felted interior
– Assembles without loose hardware with no screwdriver or wrench required
– 100% USA made from sustainably sourced Walnut and Maple
– Less than 10 made per month and finished to near perfection
– Made without electricity and unequivocally epic

At 30″ height with arched skirting, it’s comfortable to sit and play.

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