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Heirloom Chess Sets
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an ultra portable full size chess set

Ultra Portable Club Chess Set

The Silicon board folds compact and paired with a Quality Club Special set of pieces fits inside a backpack or the like – no need for an extra carrying case. The Silicon board is a full size 20″ board with 2 1/4″ squares. You’ll notice the pieces grip the board more than vinyl boards. Players that play very fast chess might not like this as much. The pieces do not bounce as they do with a rubber board however – so that’s a positive. Fold the board several times to store in one of the

The Lewis Chess Set


The Isle of Lewis chessmen is a reproduction of the original collection of 12th century ancient Norse chess pieces that were discovered in 1831 on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. They are one of the few surviving medieval chess sets in the world. This Isle of Lewis chess set is perfect for individuals who are interested in both the historical beginnings of modern day chess, as well as those looking for a distinctive and majestic chess set that will be an heirloom. The chess pieces are hand carved by master

Chess Set Redesigned for World Chess Championships


World Chess is well on its way to return chess to 1970s fame. With a bold, fresh vision, entrepreneur Andrew Paulson ushers in a new identity and re-engineered playing environments, complete with a new chess set design debuted at the 2013 World Chess Championships. Daniel Weil was tasked with creating this design based on the Staunton Chess Set first patented in 1849 by Nathaniel Cook.  While variations on the original Staunton design have become common place, commissioning of a new design for the World Chess scene is rather extraordinary. The article in Design Week is

New DGT Easy Judit Polgar Inspired Chess Clock!


This sparkling fresh DGT Easy clock was developed in cooperation with Judit Polgar, the Greatest Woman Chess Player of All Time.  It has a modern and attractive color design and the cheerful Polgar chess figures are printed on the back.  The Easy JP is supplied in a specially designed gift box and available from June 2013. Like other DGT Easy clocks the Polgar version is practically unbreakable and perfectly suitable for children, schools, chess clubs and home use.  Playing chess is even more fun with this playful clock next to the board!     Judit Polgar

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