The Silicon board folds compact and paired with a Quality Club Special set of pieces fits inside a backpack or the like – no need for an extra carrying case.

Ultra Portable Club Chess Set

The Silicon board is a full size 20″ board with 2 1/4″ squares. You’ll notice the pieces grip the board more than vinyl boards. Players that play very fast chess might not like this as much. The pieces do not bounce as they do with a rubber board however – so that’s a positive.

Fold the board several times to store in one of the two zipper pouches.

Ultra portable club chess set in bags

Extremely versatile 1.1mm silicon chess board folds or rolls very compact and resists wrinkle memory. Plus it’s easy to clean.

Ultra portable chess set silicon board

And it’s available in a few colors.

Silicon Chess Board colors

Bags produced in high quality vinyl.

Portable chess set bags

Add a chess clock for 10x the fun.

ZMF clock with ultra portable chess set

Will from Northampton, MA Says

5 Star Grippy and thin board

An extremely durable and crushable board. It is very grippy and pieces will not slide on board. It must be rinsed regularly as it super-attracts any dirt, hair, pollen and other bits of “stuff” on the table or air. It can be crushed into a front pocket and then unfolds perfectly flat every time. The board I got had a faulty print on the number 2 and 3 and should have been sold as irregular.

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