Something as simple as changing the language on the computer can easily trip up first time users. This shows how to accomplish in addition to inverting the board (changing which side the white and black pieces play). See the Chess Genius Exclusive product page for full information
“After 2 decades a worthy successor of the legendary Mephisto chess computers has finally arrived. And now at a reasonable price. The unit is quality made from the very packaging. The wooden board is just the right size at 40 cm square with 81 bright LEDs, 4 per square. The nice wooden chessmen are conveniently individually recognized by the board and it comes with spare queens. The strength of the game is about 2400 elo with a dynamic style of play. The rich options menu in the separate computer unit resembling a chess clock follows the same format as the Mephisto 16/32 bit modules. I still need to explore the connection to a PC via USB, though, which should be a great feature for saving games and for updates. Congratulations Millennium for a remarkable product and thank you Chess House for the great customer support!”

– Andy


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