World Chess is well on its way to return chess to 1970s fame. With a bold, fresh vision, entrepreneur Andrew Paulson ushers in a new identity and re-engineered playing environments, complete with a new chess set design debuted at the 2013 World Chess Championships.

Daniel Weil was tasked with creating this design based on the Staunton Chess Set first patented in 1849 by Nathaniel Cook.  While variations on the original Staunton design have become common place, commissioning of a new design for the World Chess scene is rather extraordinary.

The article in Design Week is an interesting look at the new design with it’s background and architecture.

The chess set was played by the world’s top players at this years event.

Magnus Carlsen shown here (right) was winner of the 2013 World Chess Candidates tournament. He is now to play defending champion V. Anand in Fall 2013 for the official title.


This chess set holds a prominent place in chess history and will soon be available in it’s unique presentation box at Chess House in the USA.