Playing chess while you travel means your game can be interrupted at any moment. If you need to close the game quickly sometimes it’s helpful to use a chess board that saves the position rather than shuffling the pieces into a compartment and trying to remember their position later.

On the very trip I met Joanna in 2006, I happened to be carrying a lightweight, stylish chess set. It’s shown below with the pewter and gold color plastic pieces, lightweight neoprene zip case with two compartments, one for the board and one for the pieces. I chose this set because the pieces are not only eye-pleasing and well proportioned (unlike the Drueke design), they cling well to the chess board.

travel-chess-ST3882-2T travel-chess-ST3882-3T

Real three dimensional pieces are easier to move on the chess board than flat pieces; however, the “Checkbook” magnetic set offers a uniquely flat design and slim-profile flat printed magentic pieces that are adequate in many cases. It’s a clever design similar in ways to a checkbook.

travel-chess-E101-2TUntil discontinued in late 2012, Drueke’s 8×8″ magnetic chess was a great combination of rigid, durable, compact set with strong magnets and real pieces. It was a favorite of back packers, military, law enforcement and anyone working in more harsh environments. We have plans for a replacement product.  For now here’s the current Drueke 87730 model that looks much the same, aside from the formerly hard plastic case.


Wooden travel chess sets offer the most interesting variety in style and size but of course are not as lightweight. My very favorite is the CHW10 10.5″ Magnetic Chess Set, and here’s why. It’s a comfortable size to easily handle the magnetic pieces (not too small), the wood design is casual and fun, it has coordinates along the side, stores the pieces inside with a single fold and latch. True, you cannot keep the game in place, but that’s a small price for everything else it offers – plus it’s relatively lightweight compared to other wood travel chess sets.



One of the most impressive wooden travel sets  in the Bloodrosewood style (a striking red wood of India) is our 7 3/8″ Magnetic Folding Chess Set in Blood Rosewood & White Maple. The finish is beautiful, and each piece fits securely into slots within the folding case. It’s magnetic, and has a leather-like protective cover.


Check out a full line of travel chess sets here.

June 1, 2013: Arrived IN TIME, in fact earlier than expected, which was WONDERFUL! Our grandson loved his new travel board and can’t wait to take it with him on his summer trip. We will definitely use ChessHouse again. – Stephanie in CA, USA 

May 22, 2013: Great price on travel chess set… am waiting to receive it and will follow up with an update. Update – received the set promptly and it is a great value for the price. – Harsh B. TX, USA