A more eco-friendly process for producing chess boards has emerged with new developments in printing and production.

This chessboard has the appearance and feel of fine chessboard, without some of the drawbacks of veneer construction. How is that possible?

Eco chess board rosewood maple 45cms

An MDF core is overlayed with printed high resolution imagery of different woods and veneers. No actual wood is needed for the surface and after the print is applied, several polyurethane coats are added given it the ultra smooth, brilliant finish.

The result is far less electricity, sanding, and dust pollution in production. Only a skilled work force is needed.

SHOCK! It’s not real wood?  No it’s not. But trees are saved, and the board has a very high quality impression equal or better than the best veneers. In fact, it takes some time to realize that it’s not a real wood finish.