Let’s say you want to use the clock for USCF tournament with 1st time control 30 moves in 90 minutes, 2nd time control, Game in 60 minute, all with a 5 second delay.

Setting time controls that work for USCF tournaments is a bit tricky on the Garde clock, until you know what you’re looking for. On Page 8 of the manual, there is a Preset 10. This Bronstein method is not the same as delay, but is for the most part equivalent. It adds the delay after your move for the next move.

So when you complete your turn, the 5 seconds are added to your displayed time. I realize there is dispute about the practical difference between Delay and Bronstein, but for the most part they accomplish the same thing. This clock is made in Germany, and FIDE time controls are the emphasis. There is also Fischer mode (increment that accumulates).