What does the Personal Chess Manager do for you? It makes recording your chess moves ridiculously EASY. It’s like an electronic scoresheet. A bright LCD screen showing your chessboard lets you "tap" your last move on-screen.

Imagine having your game in an electronic format ready for review as soon as you are finished playing! No more lost games. Your games will be automatically saved for later analysis. With Personal Chess Manager you will stay connected with your family and friends wherever you are through live broadcast of each and every one of your moves during tournaments.

Personal Chess Manager uses pictorial symbol recording, allowing a user to record chess games, to review games instantly, and to upload and download chess games from a computer.

The Personal Chess Manager isn’t a sophisticated analysis tool with brilliant features, and a chess playing program. No, it’s a simple, very well designed chess game recording tool with smart, intuitive features.

Unplug the memory disk once you have some games saved, plug it right into your computer, and you instantly have a PGN list of your games which you can open with your favorite chess software for analysis.

It’s a new generation of technology in chess, capable of wirelessly communicating with a Monroi tournament manager device, which can even send the tournament games right to the World Databank of Chess games where you can often watch LIVE tournament games!

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