The DGT 960 in new colors black and red is available from April 2013. This model will gradually replace the original white/orange DGT 960 version.

It has been a solid choice for players wanting an ultra-compact clock with a wide variety of features including international FIDE standards.

DGT 960 Black RedThis handy pocket timer has the Chess960 generator. Press the 960 button and a randomly chosen Chess960 starting position will be shown on the display. Chess960 is the only other form of chess that is officially recognized by the World Chess Federation FIDE. Every game starts from a different position and the chess pieces are placed in one of 960 different possible starting positions.

This idea of former World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer has been the most important improvement in chess in the last 500 years.

With Chess960 players must start creative thinking from the first move as any knowledge about the theory of chess openings is not useless. Chess960 brings many chess lovers back to the chess board.

The revolutionary DGT960 chess clock is a great gadget and the perfect gift item for any chess player.

  • The new way to play!
  • Generate random Chess960 starting positions
  • Big display for easy viewing
  • Bonus and delay timing included
  • Easy to set