Novag electronic chess sets were a leading brand of chess computer until 2014.

Electronic chess computers have been popular for over 30 years with many unique designs coming and going in the market. An electronic chess game by Novag allowed you to play chess whenever and wherever you wished.

Novag devices allowed you to customize your level, get hints, take back moves, and generally keep the game within the rules. These electronic chess computers offered a wide variety of features and came in many sizes.

Electronic chess computers are still in demand and in 2015, a few computers started coming back on the market.

Today, Chess House is the leading source for electronic chess sets and although you wont find Novag computers any longer, you’ll find a current chess computer that might fit your interests nicely.

You can also find manuals for Novag Electronics at Chess House.

Here’s a video of the Novag Obsidian