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Beauty for Ashes: Fire Destroys 3,500 Year Old U.S. Senator Tree – Legacy Preserved in Historic Chess Set

In 2012, a Senator tree in Florida tragically burned and fell to the ground. This wasn't just any old tree. It happened to be 3500 years old, declared by President Calvin Coolidge as a 'National Historic Monument', and a centerpiece of Big Tree Park in Longwood,...

Run a chess tournament for charity

Two kids, Gabby & Garrett Heller started Chess 4 Charity in 2011 to hold a chess tournament for charity, hoping to raise money for great causes. With their fifth event in October 2017 they not only reached this year’s goal of $7500 for the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation, they attracted the attention of U.S. Women’s Chess Champion Sabina Foisor.

Role of Chess in Modern Education

According to Murray, Chess originated at the end of sixth century in India. The game was different then, elephants replacing the present day rooks and peasants replacing pawns. The "firzan" now known as the queen could only move diagonally one square at a time....