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20 Grand Masters coach YOU to Chess Mastery in just 1 year!

The fastest way to master ANYTHING, is to 1. find a mentor, and 2. model their approach. Do what the hyper-successful chess champions do...and you’ll become a strong player. Period. The problem is that elite players protect their secrets and are usually unwilling...

Bubinga Chess Board Floating Concept by Andrew Van Winkle

As someone who has seen many chess board designs over the years and designed some myself, I was curious when Andrew stopped by with a bubinga chess board concept. It appeared to me as quite original. Already a fan of the edgeless “minimal” boards like my own...

Run a chess tournament for charity

Two kids, Gabby & Garrett Heller started Chess 4 Charity in 2011 to hold a chess tournament for charity, hoping to raise money for great causes. With their fifth event in October 2017 they not only reached this year’s goal of $7500 for the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation, they attracted the attention of U.S. Women’s Chess Champion Sabina Foisor.