For almost 200 years, in rural Pennsylvania, this family has a rich heritage of woodworking and farming. Originally from Switzerland, precision wood working skills were passed down through five generations. Today, this remarkable lost art of woodworking is continually refined, blending timeless methods with the latest knowledge on living wood behavior.

Treasure and behold this gem of craftsmanship completely handmade in America.  Made of Walnut and Maple woods sourced in the region, the board is solid hardwood from top to bottom, and the underneath side features a similarly smooth finish over 64 squares.

JLP Pennsylvania, 21in Solid hardwood chess board

It’s a remarkable gift paired with almost any suitably sized chess set. Decorative maple border squares inset may be enjoyed more for the purpose of display and decor. Chess players or those that will play frequently may prefer the chessboard without the maple border inset.

The creator of this chessboard has studied wood movement extensively. Wood is actually “living” after it is cut down. It’s not just a rigid piece of plastic. Due to the circular ringed nature of a tree, the direction of cuts is very important to the natural expansion and contraction of the wood as humidity levels change from one environment to another. This unique expansion of both woods used in this work of art, require great attention in every phase.

This new JLP Pennsylvania, Solid Hardwood Chessboard Handcrafted in the USA is a welcome new American made product and the timing couldn’t be better after the near 100 year old Drueke company discontinued production of hardwood chess products.