The DGT chessboard is ideal to connect to your PC, utilizing a beautiful wooden chess board to control PC chess playing software.

When you make a move on the board, it reflects this automatically on the PC. You can enjoy many features of the chess program without having to click the mouse to make moves!  In my configuration, I can sit alone with the board, and hear audible announcement of the moves I make, such as “e2-e4”, the computer thinks, and then verbally says, “e7 e5” which I then move on the chessboard.

This means you can play any level the software offers and even others through the Internet.

Illegal moves are noted with a sound, and other prompts such as coaching likewise can be enjoyed with the DGT board connected.  Think of it as an extension of the software, freeing you up from looking solely at the computer screen.

Traditional electronic chess computers have nowhere near the playing speed, power, and capabilities that software offers, so this is the perfect way to enjoy a wooden chess set while playing the computer by yourself, or better playing others across the globe.

Fritz 13 enables free access to the server for 6 months, and you can enjoy rated games and even learning from other good players.

I usually play at least a 30 minute per player game using the DGT board and server.

If you like A-H, 1-8 coordinates on your board, the Rosewood and Wenge have them – the standard Walnut board does not.

Another nice feature, if you don’t want to rely on the audible move announce is to add the compatible DGT XL Chess Clock which will show the computer’s requested move on the clock display! So now you are completely free from the computer during the game, and you could play the board in a complete different room!  The bluetooth version is best for this.  The USB version is more simple to setup.

New in Fritz 13 is the “Let’sCheck” tool which accesses ChessBase game servers and shows helpful statistical analysis based on other player’s (and your own) games, focusing on improvement of opening moves.

So, if you want to play games with Fritz’s many levels, coaching, and hints, or play others through and receive a true chess rating with the rank/points system, you really don’t need anything else!

Beginners ratings on average are say from 800-1100. Intermediate players around 1200-1600, strong club players from 1700-1900. Experts, 2000-2200, Master 2200+, and so on up to Grandmasters around 2600 to 3000.  Internet based ratings are not official, but they try to give as accurate a rating to real world competitive play as possible.

Some of the latest versions of Microsoft Windows ship with a version of chess, called Chess Titans. This is considered very limited compared to chess software like Fritz 13. Beginning chess players or advanced players will find Fritz 13 easy and fun to use. It has all the features you could want and many things you’ve probably never imagined that can help your game.

There are also many chess playing websites on the net, and yahoo for example, and other more dedicated chess servers such as and, my recommendation is the latest version of Fritz chess for the perfect combination of PC chess and Internet chess play.

When friends or family want to play a game, you can enjoy the looks of the wooden DGT Chessboard together as well!  So you don’t need an extra wooden chess set around the home.  It’s all one and the same.

You can easily take back moves by reversing the last moves played. (Not on your Internet games of course) :-). On the PC screen you can watch the computers analysis of recommended moves, best moves, variations, scoring.  The computers evaluation can really help you improve your game.  And you can see where you have made a mistake during a game, or when analyzing a game you already played.

You can even store your all your games you have played ( does this automatically), or input games with the DGT board that you have played at the club and recorded on the scoresheet.

And here’s one final tip that not everyone knows. You can take your DGT board with you, and provided it is powered on with the USB cord, it can save a handful of games (500 moves), say 10 games of 50 moves each. You can bring it back home and retrieve those games into your computer.

Those are just a few of the common and creative ways you can enjoy the Electronic DGT chess board.

You can start here to compare the different DGT chessboards, 3 in USB, 1 bluetooth.