Pono Kai (constant seas) resort in Kapa’a, Kaua’i was established in 1975 on lands previously occupied by a famous Pineapple processing plant.

This Japanese garden and pond with abundant Coy fish honors the ingenuity and engineering they brought to the region, in particular their discovering a way to redeem the Pono Kai region from constant flooding, so it can now today be enjoyed as a 12 acre beach front resort.

photo: Karissa with 10.5 Magnetic Wooden Travel Chess Set

This island of Kaua’i with it’s iconic Mt. Waialeale (the world’s wettest spot with 400 inches rainfall annually) is also home to the Waimea Canyon, the “grand canyon” of the Hawaiian islands.

Perfect sunsets, unspoiled tropical beaches and cascading mountains are some of the highlights that make Kauai unique. Surrounded by swaying palms, you will find your own Hawaiian Paradise at the Pono Kai Resort.