If you’ve ever wanted a painted chess set, completely one-of-a-kind, Sydney Gruber may just be the person you’re seeking!

Sydney’s work is growing in popularity and she has a number of favorite chess sets at Chess House on which to ply her unique alchemy style.

On this page are a few of her most recent works, including the above Staunton design chess set on display at the Kentuck Art Center in Alabama.

You can view Sydney’s Artist page on ChessHouse.com to see what designs may be available from Chess House, or you can contact Sydney directly through her website to discuss a custom painted chess set.

Sydney shares, “I am especially fond of the customized chessmen because of the meeting of my pursuits as an artist with my affinity for game of chess. I’m always looking to tackle new mediums, and I offer my panache signature with vibrant swirls and patterns of paint with detailing that plays with your mind or collaborate with clients to bring their vision to life.”

From Memphis, Tennessee, Sydney Gruber is an alchemy artist who specializes in interpreting and revitalizing harvested home furnishings for new life with a personal philosophy that travels between mediums. Through vision and revision, her artistic endeavors crafted a personal panache signature.


Painted Chess Set at Kentuck Museum
Here are photos of recent painted chess sets by Sydney.
Painted Chess Set 1
Painted Chess Set Sydney-2
Painted Chess Set Sydney-3
Painted Chess Set Sydney-7
Painted Chess Set Sydney-4
Painted Chess Set Syndey-5
Painted Chess Set Sydney-6