Can you provide information and tips on how to start a chess club?

This question has been posed frequently. I would like to give assistance to those seeking tips on how to start a chess club. Since the means and methods very greatly, I will mention a few general points and let our readers weigh in from their own experience.

Identify your reason for starting the club. Keep it simple, and focus on your goal. Even a few friends can form a small group meet-up style club, completely informal and fun. Whatever the size you hope to start, you’ll have a motivating purpose and person, or group of persons behind your new chess club.

Often in keeping with this motivating purpose which inspired you to start a chess club, you’ll create your club’s main event. It can be extremely simple, but think about your location, interests of the members you have or plan to attract, and choose a beginning venue, time, and playing standard. These elements are entirely up to you, and you should think about it carefully. Will you layout rules, or keep it very informal?

Starting a club requires some commitment. State your motivational purpose, and move right ahead. Here are some things to keep in mind.

— Does the club target a particular age group? Seniors? College students? High School? Elementary? Surfers? All of the above?
— Will you foot the bill entirely yourself, or require dues or donations? Count the cost before hand. Will you consider sponsorship?
— What atmosphere do you want? This is largely created by the venue, and your people.
— Is the purpose entirely fun? or will you emphasize learning opportunities, and make it benefit a group or community?
— what is your target size? how many members do you want? larger is not necessarily better.
— will you build in incentives such as premium equipment to top achievers?

Since chess clubs in education are starting in rapid numbers, let’s focus there. With numerous parents discovering the value of chess for their kids, parents are taking the initiative to get their kids involved in after school chess programs, chess classes, and essentially chess clubs.

But many teachers and parents are clueless as to what to do to start a club. Many are taking action out of pure motivation, wanting to help these groups of kids and give them this wonderful activity.

Here are some basics to consider:

1. What special need or goal do you want to achieve? Ultimately, the pure fun, and challenge, with reasonably organized leadership will be a great positive experience for the kids.
2. Who will organize and lead the class or club?
3. Where will you meet. And how often will you meet?
4. How many kids will participate – how many will you reach?
5. will your school back or fund your endeavor, partially, or entirely? If not, this is not reason to give up!

These are some things you will normally consider. In the next article, I want to give you more specific resources, facts, and tips you can use to get off the ground and make it REAL and fun!

Friends, if you have start a chess club, and have experience, go right ahead and share some specific tools and resources you have found most effective.

For example.
1. How did you organize your first tournament?
2. Did you use software to run your club?
3. What chess equipment did you find essential?
4. What organization(s) if any provided helpful info?