A generational shift is happening in the world of chess with two millennials who have come of age in the computer era now vying for the world’s title in November’s 2016 world chess championship.

The 2016 chess world champion is being decided this November in a widely publicized epic match between the world #1 ranked 25-year-old reigning champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway playing 26-year-old Sergey Karjakin of Russia, ranked #9 in the world.

The contest of 12 rounds will be watched, analyzed, and discussed by hundreds of millions around the world. The first player to reach 6.5 points wins the match and tie-breaks will be played if an even score is reached.

The match will be enjoyed in this smartphone generation by countless fans of offline and online chess thanks to live broadcasting through worldchess.com.

DGT e-Board role in the World Championships

DGT e-Boards have been used in countless major events to provide chess move recording and audience viewing. The chessboards on which the match games are played track every move to bring the live games to the Internet or anywhere spectators will be viewing.

For large events, multiple boards can be linked for simultaneous display on large TV screens or watching games via the Internet.

Thanks to DGT technology, during the 2016 world championships spectators can enjoy watching the moves as they are played along with live streaming video.

The DGT e-Board is available to anyone who wants to experience the power of today’s chess software on a beautiful chessboard without the eye strain of constant screen viewing.

At Chess House, we focus on bringing chess to every home for the enjoyment of the game and the benefits it brings. Products like the DGT e-Board are fantastic tools for playing and studying the game.

Advancing chess intelligence with DGT Pi

This month DGT released Pi, adding intelligence directly to the e-Board as a self-contained chess computer. This enables playing the e-Board as a standalone computer without the need to connect it to a laptop or personal computer.

Read more about the DGT e-Boards and the new DGT Pi Computer at the Chess House Online Store.

Read more about the DGT e-Boards and the new DGT Pi Computer at the Chess House Online Store.