That’s right! Some users who top the scoreboards in the Play Magnus Carlsen App along with other randomly chosen users of the app got to play World Champion Magnus Carlsen at the Marshall Chess Club in New York this year.  It’s an annual thing, and you can look forward to the 2016 Live Challenge!

Carlsen’s official chess set

Magnus Carlsen has already become the icon for ‘smart is cool’ and kids carrying the chess set over their shoulder will be proud to show off the game.

With a respectful nod to tradition the height and base of the pieces are defined by the classic Staunton set, but the sleek, modern design lines with stylish matte finish have the same cool, contemporary finesse that Magnus Carlsen has brought to the game. This chess set compliments the highly successful Play Magnus App, now downloaded in over 200 countries.

The chess set has solid, weighted, durable plastic pieces that are comfortable to hold and easy to move. Everything, complete with felt piece bases are black and white.

Play Magnus Chess Set

The set most certainly has a distinct and youthful appearance.

If you’re a collector you’ll notice the black pieces have a whitish film on them. This can be rubbed off with a cloth quite readily.

The Official Play Magnus Carlsen Chess Set

Stylishly branded, co-ordinated cotton bags keep all the pieces neatly together.

Play Magnus Chess Set and Bags

The unique, bespoke carry-case gives the Play Magnus Educational Chess Set instant, show-stopping ‘WOW’ factor. The sleek black tube with Play Magnus App images has an adjustable, detachable strap to make carrying easy.

Play Magnus Chess Set with Tube

You can get your Magnus Carlsen Chess Set at Chess House.