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I found the ordering process extremely easy to use and the delivery speed was amazing! They actually shipped within about an hour after I placed my order. After receiving the product, I had a service question and the response was also quick and helpful. I'll definitely be purchasing again from ChessHouse!
Richard, July 10, 2015

Love Chess House! Great products and service. Very professional and personal. Highly recommended.
Morris, June 24, 2015
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3,500 Year Old U.S. Tree Preserved in Historic Chess Set


In 2012, a tree in Florida tragically burned and fell to the ground. This wasn’t just any old tree. It happened to be 3500 years old, declared by President Calvin Coolidge as a ‘National Historic Monument’, and a centerpiece of Big Tree Park in Longwood, Florida. If you do the math, this bald cypress was just a sapling during Moses’ time. As he led the Israelites across the Red Sea, this tree was just gaining its roots. Fortunately there was a silver lining. Artist Jeffrey Matter, known for his exquisite work, has helped breathe new

Chess Base 13 – compare editions


ChessBase 13 is arriving the middle of November. New in ChessBase 13: The ChessBase Cloud makes it possible with a simple login to make use of your databases from any computer and later also from any mobile device (via the browser, iOS or Android apps). Set up your own repertoire and your own games in private space in our cloud. The cloud is particularly attractive for the preparation of training material or for preparing for your next competition or match. Even if your team-mates do not own a Windows-PC, you can provide them with their

Finally – Chess play and training software for Mac


Play, analyze, and improve your game with this affordable software for the Mac. Many of you have been waiting for chess playing software that’s compatible with your Mac. Here it is! Chess King has all the features you’ll need to improve your game. It analyzes your every move and keeps games stored for easy reference. Using Chess King’s comprehensive database of master games and its Grandmaster level engine will give you the edge when it comes to reviewing your games and preparing for your next tournament. Strong engine Houdini 4 to play against and help

DGT 3000 chess clock has it all – with a large display

DGT3000 chess clock large display

The DGT3000 was launched in October 2014 and is DGT’s most advanced chess clock yet. It connects to all DGT e-Boards and is in full accordance with FIDE rules and regulations. The DGT3000 replaces the DGT XL and has many new features seconds are shown from the start larger display with more information 25 pre-set timing systems 5 slots for customized settings 5 year warranty! A large, clear display that’s easy to read is a must for any chess clock. And that’s what the DGT 3000 offers. At 3.5 x 13 cm (1.38″ tall x

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