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2013 World Championship: Anand vs. Carlsen


The 2013 World Chess Championship drew millions of viewers worldwide, even during the wee morning hours to watch the gripping games being played out match by match in Chennai India. While starting slow for the first several games, Carlsen took a decisive lead in the match, and sealed the championship with a draw in game 10 to be the youngest World Champion at age 22. “Anand, a chess Grandmaster from India, won the World Chess Championship five times, 200, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012 and has been the undisputed World Champion since 2007. Anand became

Electronic chess computer that does it all – except move the pieces


Revelation II steps it up. Bluetooth, Self-contained, on board screen and lights. Designed for your ultimate chess playing experience Revelation II is the perfect combination of a luxurious wooden chess board and integrated chess computer system developed in the Netherlands by Digital Game Technology and Phoenix Chess Systems. The tournament size chess board is an innovative DGT sensor board with individual piece recognition and inlaid LED lights to indicate the chess moves. The green OLED display and six large keys give this stand-alone system a classic menu controlled operation available in English, French, German, Dutch

Custom “stone look” for 25″ Giant Chess Set

Custom giant chess set at bed and breakfast

Glenn Mon with Hamanassett B&B customized his 25″ Giant Chess set to create a “Stone Chess Set” for their Bed & Breakfast. After cleaning, to remove dust and oils, he primed the pieces with a Rust-o-leum plastic primer, painted with a Rust-o-leum stone finish, and then sealed and finished with a Hellsman Spar Urethane finish for protection. The chessboard was created with 18″x18″ stone tiles. They matched the chess pieces with the color of the stones. Impressive. What do you think?      

Chess Tip: Unique Knight Characteristics


Recently, I have been working on writing and rewriting (along with several of our team of experienced coaches) several more chess lessons and topics to include in the Chess4Life curriculum. While doing so, it seemed appropriate to include a couple interesting elements that may help you or your children better understand chess strategy. More specifically, I will discuss some elements regarding unique characteristics of some chess pieces. First, did you know that the knight always changes color when it moves from one square to another? This quality may seem rather obvious, but have you considered

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