USA made walnut and maple Player’s Chess Table and Board

This cleverly designed piece of premium American furniture offers completely unique elements not found in any other game tables. In a day when handcrafted has nearly lost its meaning, this table stands proudly among the legends of artful workmanship.

The Walnut Player’s Chess Table by Chess House

– Play surface is instantly removable as the Player’s Chess Board
– Table Frame with a pre-owned Player’s Chess Board becomes a Player’s Table
– Hidden slides raise the board to store pieces inside felted interior
– Assembles without loose hardware with no screwdriver or wrench required
– 100% USA made from sustainably sourced Walnut and Maple
– Less than 10 made per month and finished to near perfection
– Made without electricity and unequivocally epic

At 30″ height with arched skirting, it’s comfortable to sit and play.

Add your favorite felted wood chessmen and create great memories together.

The table frame is assembled with an elegantly simple interlocking system. It takes a mere few minutes to assemble and disassemble.

30″ Table Height (29.5″ without board)
22″ Width
3″ Inside Storage Height
22lbs 8oz Table Weight
15lbs 10oz Table Frame Weight (without board)

15 chess gift ideas

I selected 15 chess gift ideas for you! Some of these just arrived back in stock!

There are two more days for standard shipping to arrive anywhere in the USA on time for Christmas!

This player’s chessboard handcrafted in the USA by artist JLP along with a set of the most iconic Championship chessmen is the perfect way to make a lasting impression. And today we are offering some free bonuses with it.


When you need to play chess and there’s no one to play against, the Chess Genius is the most natural and powerful solution while still using real pieces. It plays against you at your desired level and does not argue with taking back your move.

It’s running powerful programming by Richard Lang, renowned for his more than 10 championship titles in Computer Chess programming.

For Beginners or Pros, set any level, stores the pieces inside, battery power or optional adapter.



DGT Electronic Chess connects a luxury chessboard to your PC software for the ultimate chess playing experience.


GIANT CHESS. Right now, save 15% on any giant chess with coupon S4645



An amazing gift made in Italy, the 14″ Florentine Metal Chess Set with 3″ tall gold and silver color metal pieces on leather style chest, complete with safe interior storage and double sided for backgammon. See more metal chess sets for additional designs.


The “Club Series” chessmen combine form and function, designed to rigorous play while maintaining elegance. Add any vinyl chessboard or wooden chessboard recommended and you’ll be in business.

Save 15% on ALL wood chess pieces here.

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Championship pieces with standard economy chess board bring your total playing footprint to less than 18 inches. Now that will fit on a smaller table! Plus this Champ Combo comes with a carrying case so you can take it in the car or keep your pets from chewing the rooks.


The VTEK-300 is the ultimate chess timer and it’s coming in stock for the first time ever this week and shipping before Christmas. We’ve tested it and it’s amazing. The display shows everything you need to see, and setting the clock is so intuitive. For those that are familiar with the Chronos timer, this will be a treat. It’s far easier to set and is an improvement in many ways. Yes, it costs more, but you’ll understand why once you use it. Order your VTEK-300 Chess Timer now and get some extras for free.

Grace Pyles has always loved dragons and chess. You can enjoy her developing talent with one-of-a-kind works that make attractive desk pieces or decorations. Each of her PicoDragons are numbered, signed, and attractively gift boxed.


The pieces specially designed for the 2013 World Championship in which Magnus Carlsen took the crown, are available at very World Championship Pieces and only a few sets are remaining.



Joyful smiles reflect on this multi-faceted, gift boxed Crystal Chess Set (2 available)


The Chess4life learning tools by Elliott Neff set up children for success at learning the game while sharpening life skills. Avoiding bad habits and often overlooked strategies is a key factor in improving rapidly.

For all ages and ideal for 6-14 years, kids learn soak in bite size visual segments in Elliott’s clear, fun presentation. It’s easy to follow from the most basic concepts onward ensuring that all key strategies are covered. Elliott’s experience combined with an easy pace in friendly, clear English makes this series the best at home learning experience. Kids often watch them over and over.

15% off Elliott’s Chess School
Code: S4640


The Executive Staunton Chess Set comes with a club rollup board and deluxe bag. Right now, you can take an extra $10 off the regular price of $29.95, and get this great combo at $19.95 with coupon C211.


Here are some of our top chess books for kids.

How to Beat Your Dad at Chess - Chandler Chess for Children - Chandler Chess is Child's Play - Sherman / Kilpatrick Chess for Children - Chevannes Chess For Children Activity Book - Chevannes


Usborne Complete Book of Chess - Dalby Chess Rules for Students - Bain Checkmate - Ideas for Students - Bain Chess Tactics for Students - Bain


There’s still time to deliver a gift before December 25!

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Fritz 15 Chess Software

Fritz 15 Chess Software

A815056New Fritz, New Friend The completely reworked ‘friend” mode makes Fritz 15 the ideal training partner. During the course of a game, Fritz is able to constantly tailor its level to your playing strength and how much time you are using. The program can give you a sign when a tactical opportunity presents itself or point out typical mistakes to help you improve. Another exciting element is the new evaluation function that analyzes your playing strength throughout the game. Where are your strengths – where are your weaknesses? The opening? Middlegame? Or perhaps the endgame? Fritz 15 gives you an ELO rating for all three phases! You definitely need to see this! Improve Your Conversion Technique “I should have won that!” How often have you been frustrated after playing a good game of blitz on that somehow went wrong? Stoke your curiosity and find out what could have been with Fritz 15 – Fritz can now show you what you missed right after the game. You can, of course, also try to find the way to win yourself using the handy exercise function – an approach certain to boost your own conversion technique and playchess ELO! New Author, New Engine Vasik Rajlich is new to the Fritz team. The American shook up the world of computer chess just a few years ago, reaching the top with his program, “Rybka.” He is the author of the new Fritz 15 engine, so there’s no question that it will be one of the world’s strongest! Excellent Overview, Better Access If you watch a lot of training videos or work extensively with databases, the revamped database window is something you’ll love. It doesn’t just automatically display all the Fritztrainer or other courses installed on your hard drive, the improved game list also offers enhanced access options and sorting functions – in a manner similar to the original ChessBase software! One Program, Many Facets Fritz 15 doesn’t just offer direct access to – it also opens the door to the world of the new ChessBase web tools:

  • “On-demand video” – unlimited access to our comprehensive database with training videos on every aspect of the royal game, recorded shows, interviews etc.
  • “Live Database” – access the ChessBase online database with 8 million games.
  • “My Games Cloud” – access your server games collection at the click of a mouse!
  • “Training” – test, train, and improve your tactical skills at any time. More than 34,000 training tasks are waiting for you!
  • “Let’s Check” – access our unique analysis database with over 200 million deeply analyzed positions and much more!

Fritz 15 comes with Premium access to the new Chess Base web tools for over six months! Includes

  • New 64 Bit – Fritz multiprocessor engine
  • Improved 64 Bit – and 32 Bit program interface
  • Premium membership to the new Chess Base Accounts and to (6 months)
  • Database with over 1.5 million games

Buy Fritz 15 at Chess House