Chess Genius Pro chess computer next level of electronic chess

Chess Genius Pro chess computer next level of electronic chess

The Millennium Chess Genius Pro is the ideal chess computer for club and tournament players of all skill levels. It’s one of the most powerful chess computers of all time, featuring the world-champion software ChessGenius by Richard Lang!

After the much-publicized launch of MILLENNIUM Chess Genius in late autumn 2015, we now see the significantly improved performance and enhanced, more elegant, version of Chess Genius PRO. Many ideas expressed by users have been incorporated in this new computer.

Genius Pro plays at a significantly higher skill level of more than 2200 ELO (2400 USCF).

The changes are visual as well, new pieces in an exclusive white and black chrome, along with felt and significantly improved sensor board and pressure point. read more…

Lil’ Corkers – Kids Making a Difference and Making Some Money!

Lil’ Corkers – Kids Making a Difference and Making Some Money!

Recently we here at Chess House had the pleasure of supplying Lil’ Corkers from Blessed Trinity RCC in the United Kingdom with some bright colored plastic chess pieces. After checking in with them to see if they had received their package and if the pieces were up to par we were blown away to find out what Lil’ Corkers was all about. Mollie Bannister wrote us back to tell us all about it!

Bannister, is the managing director of a Young Enterprise company Lil’ Corkers.

Young Enterprise is the UK’s leading charity that empowers and offers training to young people to harness their personal and business skills.

Lil’ Corkers is a small company of students aged 15 dedicated to helping the community by making novelty chessboards.  As a company, not only do they want to make a profit, but also actually have an impact on their community. As a result they began to teach primary school children the rules and purpose of chess. They sell their product for £25 pounds and includes a brightly colored chessboard (that comes in a variety of themes and styles) and two sets of brightly colored plastic pieces.

Within Young Enterprise, they have won an award for “Best Innovative Product” and have recently been short-listed into the North-West finals, due to take part on June 14th.

The Company Program is the ultimate business challenge for 15 – 19 year olds. Over the course of a year students find out what it’s really like to set up and run a business – from raising share capital to designing their product or service to selling directly to customers.This event will see companies from across the North West battling it out to become North West Company of the Year 2016.

Feel free to contact them at

You can also check out their Twitter page HERE

If you would like to purchase a set from Lil’ Corkers email them at

Father’s Day Chess Gift Ideas

With the world Championships just around the corner in New York, 2016 is promising to be an exciting year for chess with over a billion fans likely, and a fresh new chess set may be the perfect father’s day chess gift to sharpen the mind and make some great memories.

The Barcelona chess set pairs the wonderful, detailed Grand master chessmen with a clean, crisp chessboard, for a fantastic chess playing experience every time you sit down to play the game or work on your technique.

The chess set is named after the spectacular city of Barcelona, the largest metropolis on the European Mediterranean coastline. Barcelona was host to some 740 high ranked players in 2015 from 41 countries including over 100 titled and 25 Grandmasters.

Luxurious chessmen in full-size 4″ tournament style play wonderfully on the 21″ maple and mahogany chess board.

The pieces are hand carved by master artisans from high grade woods, then heavily weighted for a superb chess playing experience and beautifully finished complete with a luxurious billiard felt base. The robust design can withstand rigorous chess games with no delicate points to break or chip. These chessmen truly combine finesse and function – elegance amid frequent chess matches.


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From all appearances this first or second chess set has the wherewithal to solidify the love of chess in anyone that is a child at heart. What’s more, endearing itself to anyone making the leap from an entry level set of plastic or vinyl.

It’s perfect for the home and games between family members and friends. The hand made tournament Staunton pieces are large, weighted and easy to grasp with no sharp points to endanger lives or break off. The chess set is large and impressive, ready for frequent use. If pieces are ever lost, Chess House can help you easily source replacement – even years later.

Coordinates line the perimeter making it not just possible, but easy to replay historic games from books, chess game recording pads and notebooks, computer software, Internet chess play–anywhere a games has been recorded in chess notation.

21inch Economical Wood Chess Set - $79

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The Player’s Chess Table by Chess House is designed and made by hand in America, and finished to perfection.

  • Dual purpose surface is also Player’s Chess Board
  • 100% USA made from sustainably sourced Walnut and Maple
  • Less than 10 made per month and finished to near perfection.
  • Side frames for pieces and chess timer not shown, available soon and included.

$200 OFF Walnut Chess Table

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Memorial day chess

This sunny afternoon, I found them taking a break for some games of chess in the garage. I’m happy to see them and their friends involved in all kinds of healthy activities that don’t require screen time.


Sydney Gruber Painted Chess Set


Sydney Gruber, an artist who grew up playing chess, found Chess House while looking for single plastic bishop pieces. Most people purchasing single pieces are trying to complete a full set of pieces Sydney, however, had a different idea.

She made them into business cards! “It was my hope that my hand painted bishops will be eccentric enough to say everything I can hope to say in a personal calling card” she says.

Sydney’s art really caught our attention and in brilliant fashion this painted chess set she recently completed illustrates why.

She says, “This was an incredibly fun project for me. I am ecstatic to be working with Chess House and doing something chess related – it’s such a treasured part of my life.”

You can check out her web site HERE and her Facebook page HERE

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