Memorial day chess

This sunny afternoon, I found them taking a break for some games of chess in the garage. I’m happy to see them and their friends involved in all kinds of healthy activities that don’t require screen time.


Sydney Gruber Painted Chess Set


Sydney Gruber, an artist who grew up playing chess, found Chess House while looking for single plastic bishop pieces. Most people purchasing single pieces are trying to complete a full set of pieces Sydney, however, had a different idea.

She made them into business cards! “It was my hope that my hand painted bishops will be eccentric enough to say everything I can hope to say in a personal calling card” she says.

Sydney’s art really caught our attention and in brilliant fashion this painted chess set she recently completed illustrates why.

She says, “This was an incredibly fun project for me. I am ecstatic to be working with Chess House and doing something chess related – it’s such a treasured part of my life.”

You can check out her web site HERE and her Facebook page HERE

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Komodo Chess 10 Best Chess Software of 2016

Komodo Chess 10 Best Chess Software of 2016

The new number one best chess software has arrived and it’s the most powerful chess program ever, defeating world #6 Hikaru Nakamura despite handicaps.

Combine that with the latest in training and playing, it’s a chess player’s dream, undoubtedly the best chess software of 2016 in the playing category.

Thanks to a host of extensive improvements and fine tweaking, the latest version of Komodo has again gained over 60 Elo points on its predecessor. The changes cover several areas: the evaluation function has been significantly sharpened, particularly with respect to king safety and endgame positions, and the search algorithm has been improved and optimized to run on multiple processors. Komodo’s intelligent and results-driven evaluations have also proven extremely effective in practice: If Komodo 10 considers its position to be advantageous, it avoids exchanges and seeks to open the position. read more…

1 billion fans for 2016 World Chess Match in NY

1 billion fans for 2016 World Chess Match in NY

New York City will welcome USA’s first ever World Chess Championship. It’s the youngest championship ever with both players age 25.

With smartphone penetration now over 70% it will be the most watched chess event ever. For this reason some exciting new ways to show and broadcast chess will be unveiled. read more…

Live edge solid wood chessboard

The walnut live edge perimeter surrounds a floating walnut and maple block construction solid wood chessboard that is finished to perfection.

No two boards are alike and every one is entirely original as planned by John. With a 2″ square, there are a myriad of chess piece designs that will fit the chessboard, thereby more so a one-of-a-kind piece to be treasured by its proud owner.

Solid wood chessboard

The solid wood chessboard is made by John who is dedicated to his craft, producing the finest. Even Magnus Carlsen has played chess on his works of art.

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